Defining Digital Learning Assets

One of the first questions that comes up when discussing Digital Learning Assets, is “So…what are they?”

Simply put, Digital Learning Assets are media that we in the Learning & Development field make and manage for people to learn from. Here’s a brief 5-min video that provides some more detailed explanation.

It’s important to note that this definition does not extend to all media used in all training everywhere, but rather only a subset of this content that fits within the Digital Learning Asset Framework.

For example, there are plenty of business-critical training projects that routinely land in our laps which we can openly admit have very little — if anything — to do with learning. Such work is important, but it is inappropriate to use this particular framework in these cases.

Also, every Digital Learning Asset is discrete and indivisible in this framework. A library of assets is not an asset here. The reason for this is that it misleads us into thinking that the assets actually exist within the library like books on a shelf. But they don’t, because we’re dealing with digital assets. Digital libraries consist not of objects but rather references to objects, and those objects very often exist in multiple libraries simultaneously…so we should really manage them that way. 

Lastly, in order to learn something, you have to not know it first. And for a learning solution to work, the core issue has to be a learning problem in the first place. These the cases in which the Digital Learning Asset Framework is useful.

More explanation about the framework and the five core principles are coming soon. Sign up to receive email notifications, and stay tuned.

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