What about xAPI?

Does The Digital Learning Asset Framework overlap with xAPI?

There is certainly a lot in common, yes.

But xAPI is essentially a communications standard, of way of tracking and reporting upon experiences. While xAPI does this very well, it does not attempt to define what these experiences actually are. xAPI is much wider in scope than the Digital Learning Asset Framework. No matter what kind of experience you want to track, xAPI can probably help, but xAPI is not intended to validate that any given experience is indeed a learning experience.  

Rather than approaching the creation and management of Digital Learning Assets from data schema or tool or delivery perspective, the Digital Learning Asset Framework seeks to clarify the first principles for why we make assets in the first place, and how we can best administer them. The scope of this Framework purposefully excludes any media used in training that are not Digital Learning Assets. It is not intended to apply to every asset.

While they are different frameworks, one of the intentions of this initiative is to compliment the xAPI standards. The Digital Learning Asset Framework provides the practical business framework that can plug & play nicely with the xAPI technical specification.

Some developers and champions of xAPI have been part of the Digital Learning Asset Framework effort since the beginning. If you’re interested in doing some of the work of mapping xAPI relationships to the Digital Learning Asset Framework, that would be a great way to contribute to both projects! Just reach out in the comments below.

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