Is this about making better quality training?

Kind of.

The Digital Learning Asset Framework is founded in the belief that an asset can be objectively determined to be suitable or unsuitable for its intended purpose. The core principles and framework structure focus us on toward making explicitly testable assets for a given group, so that we can express how well they work for that group quantitatively, which can be more useful in more ways than qualitative measures alone.

This framework is clearly is not about dictating what quality is, or what formats are acceptable, or anything to do with our opinions — however well-formed they may be. Those are subjective matters which vary greatly from situation to situation, and are best addressed by those closest to the learners.

Instead, this framework to designed to ensure that any Digital Learning Asset has the intrinsic measures it needs to be of service to the learners, and interoperable with its larger environment — that is, of undeniably measurable value.

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