The Digital Learning Asset Framework exists to make it easier for Learning & Development professionals to make, manage, and measure training. It is open, extensible, and complimentary to existing standards/systems for creating, delivering, and evaluating training.

The Digital Learning Asset Framework is the result of an international braintrust of 30 experts in the Learning & Development field from a diverse array of industries, geographies, and interests. Representatives from video to VR, from standards to usability to gamification to microlearning, from cognitive development to artificial intelligence came together to forge this new approach for creating and administering digital learning assets for the benefit of the entire eLearning industry. It is intended to provide new vision for the use of current tools/standards, and new inspiration for future learning technologies.

This Framework is made freely available to all under Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International).

New content is published here every week, including explainer videos, blog posts, community comments, printable worksheets, podcast interviews, live-streamed discussions, and overview webinars.