Version 1.1 is when?

The current version of the Digital Learning Asset Framework is 1.0, and it was released on January 30th, 2018. This was intended to be the beginning — not the end — of a larger conversation around how we make, manage, and measure the media of training.

Since then there have been some additional suggestions for how the Framework can be improved. Specifically, adding metadata for language identification and multiple language support have been requested. There are likely other enhancements that can be incorporated into a future revision as well. (If any come to mind right now, please leave them in the comments!)

There is not yet a set release schedule for future versions. To be honest, it depends on your participation. If there are more questions and requests, then it may be quarterly. If there are few, then updates will come less frequently.

This is just one reason why it’s so important to hear from you. How are you using the Framework? What do you need next to start using it? What would you like to see it provide that it does not?

We would love to continue the conversation with you, for the betterment of the entire project. Please leave a comment below.

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