Wait, what’s it for again?

The Digital Learning Asset Framework helps you make the training media you want to make (and that the business wants you to make)!

Let’s make stuff that:

  • addresses a real learning issue
  • has provable business valuable
  • is well-defined in scope, ownership, & process
  • is built to last
  • makes a difference in the world

It is possible. Yes, really.

Now you could wait around for projects like this to show up on your doorstep by accident. Or you could systemically ensure that you only let projects like this in the door. Which sounds like a better idea to you?

The bad news is that means changing the order-taking nature of training requests in your organization.

The good news is that you can change this gently.

I don’t say “no” to requests to make training, but I say “not yet” a lot. Thanks to the Digital Learning Asset Framework, I now wait until I have existing performance data for the target group, a commitment to provide it again after the training, a specific owner, and an analysis of the issue — BEFORE I say “yes”. Because without that information, no matter how great a job me & my team do, I will never be able to say that we helped. Why would I say yes something that cannot provide a business value? The business gets that, as long as we can get to “yes” eventually. We can, and it makes all the difference in the world when we do!
– Ellen Dee Treyning

By leveraging the Framework, you will unearth the answers to key questions that turn a poor training request that’s doomed to fail into an awesome request that will create undeniable results. You’ll have a way to document this for future reference, as well as a bunch of nifty search keywords that help you manage the full lifecycle of your content.

The Framework isn’t so different from the learning analytics movement, or Agile/Llama development, or Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping, or Will Thalheimer’s LTEM, or many of the other advancements happening in Learning & Development. What’s different about this Framework is that it gives you a clear way to gently push back like you’ve never had before. It’s not about you being picky, it’s about helping the business better define the business value.

Basically, it’s about making sure you can help solve a problem before taking it on. It’s also totally free, requires no approvals, is easy to begin, and is infinitely customizable to your organization’s unique needs.

In this post, we’ve been speaking about “training” instead of “media” — and the Framework is specifically designed for media it’s true. In our next two posts, we’ll go into a bit more detail about why that is.

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