The Y/N Test

So you have a training project, and need to make some media resources for it. Three Yes/No questions for you before you begin development:

  1. Is there a specific goal for this content?
  2. Can you optimize the content for the target audience to achieve that goal?
  3. Could the achievement of this goal be demonstrated?

If you have clear goal, a defined audience, and a means of proving that you aimed that audience toward achieving that goal, then you have something may be suitable for use with the Digital Learning Asset Framework.

If you don’t have each of these three things, then what you have might still be very important, but it is inherently unmeasurable. Therefore, it’s not a good fit with the Framework.

The Framework provides a means of capturing the definition of the goal, the target audience, and the logic that supports the validation and measurement of the two.

If you aren’t really sure what the content you’re making is supposed to help people do, or which people it is for, or if you cannot prove that it helps, then it’s good to pause and ask: why are you making it again?

If can’t specify the intention, the audience, or the metric before you make that asset, you won’t be able to later either. You are invalidating all future measurements of this content.

It might be just fine where you work spend time making & managing things with no demonstrable value…but then again it might not.

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