Getting Started with The Digital Learning Asset Framework

So you’re interested at least trying out this Framework thing, so…where to begin? This should help you get started:

  1. Download the Toolbox Bundle and uncompress it.
  2. Open the textfile jumpstart in your favorite text editor (TextEdit on Mac, Notepad on Windows, etc.).
  3. Open a specific Digital Learning Asset that you’re in the process of making (document, image, video, interaction, etc.).
  4. Save the text file as the name of the unique identifier for the asset you’re working on (JA01256.txt for example).
  5. Fill out as many of the empty fields as possible in that text file.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for as many assets as you’re developing right now.
  7. You likely didn’t have the information you needed to fill out all the blank fields. That’s fine. But why not? Now is the time to start asking for this information. It will help you develop better content, and make updates later.
  8. Open the spreadsheet jumpstart and capture any business logic relevant to this project. Use it to capture answers to any questions/issues that arise.
  9. Update the appropriate textfiles and spreadsheet as needed.
  10. Share your story with the community of others who are doing the same thing.

Need more than this? Use the comments below to say a bit about where you got stuck in this process. Thanks!

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