Is this about ROI?

One of the most common questions about the Digital Learning Asset Framework is if it has anything to do with Return on Investment (ROI). This is likely due to the presence of the word “asset” in the title.

In short, no, this is not about ROI.

“Return on investment” is one of those terms that L&D tends to use improperly. It means something very specific to the wider world, but like other words such as “neuroscience” or “cognition” we say them without knowing exactly what they mean within the fields that they originated from.

However, the Framework does lay some of groundwork for being able to have value-based  discussions about the media of training. Before you can measure the return on anything, you must first have a definition of what should be returned. Before you can measure any impact, you have to define the thing that is to be impacted and you must have something to do the impacting. In the case of the L&D industry, this critical step seems to have been skipped. The Digital Learning Asset Framework exists, in part, to fill this very gap.

If you’d like to explore more about what ROI really means, and some ways that we in L&D can more effectively communicate with others about the value we create, here are three great articles by Ajay Pangarkar, one of the contributors to the Digital Learning Asset Framework.

The Real ROI: How Business Leaders Evaluate Learning Investments

6 Ways To Demonstrate Learning Value For The Business

Lean Learning: Why You Need to Cut the Fat to Demonstrate Learning Value

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