You can’t measure that

A common response when speaking about how Digital Learning Assets impact performance is that such things can’t be measured

…Huh. You don’t say?

So if this was true, why would we ever try to measure anything about learning?

Better yet, why would we make any assets in the first place?

The Digital Learning Asset Framework exists in part to help us identify what the most important metrics are for the business problem, who the target audience is to receive the assets we’re making, and how the metrics should change for that population as a result.

While it’s true that not everything you make is a great fit for this Framework, everything that’s important is. The Framework helps to drill down to what is important, so that it can help guide all the decisions that must be made about the content.

As for the other non-important stuff, the things which no one in your organization has yet figured out how to quantify…why are you making it again?

For anyone who still insists that learning is an intangible that cannot be measured in your business, the bad news is that you are ill-informed. The good news is that there are indeed ways, you simply don’t know them just yet.

Interested in learning? Remember, no matter what it is that you want to measure, you’re probably not the first person in the history of the world to want to measure this. How did other people do it? The internet is right here at your fingertips.

Douglas Hubbard

If you want to start with a book, check out”How To Measure Anything: Finding the Value of ‘Intangibles’ in Business” and the work of Douglas Hubbard. If listening is more your style, here’s a link to a 30min podcast interview with Douglas Hubbard on Doable Change.

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