A Vision for Digital Learning Assets

What does the ideal Digital Learning Asset look like?

How is it designed? Created? Updated? Retired?

How is it targeted to be of maximum value to the organization? How is it targeted to be of minimal scrap?

We in the Learning & Development field can try to reduce the number of predictably stupid actions that are taken as these assets are made, managed, and measured. Yet we can’t just take the bad parts away and be left with something good, something valuable. Without a strong vision of where we are going, of the core principles that guide our path, we will be left eternally running in circles and swatting at the latest and loudest problems.

Such issues are not unique to workplace learning, of course. But in this domain at least, we can join together to form a strong vision. We can bring together all that we know and all that we’ve experienced to declare a path forward.

We’ve already begun, but we’re just getting started. Would you like to join?