Aiming at the Credentialed Professions

Lawyers. Accountants. Doctors. Pilots. Architects. All of these professions require credentials, and all of these credentials require some form of continuing education to keep that credential current.

Why do all of these count their training differently? Why do they all have completely different standards of what actually counts as valid education?

The industries vary, of course. The specifics of the content and the frequency with which it needs to be revisited should vary accordingly. But the learning itself?

The Digital Learning Asset Framework does not yet offer a standard by which all learning assets can be judged for such professions, but in the next iteration, it is heading that direction. If this interests you, please let us know! We are now gathering smart and passionate L&D Professionals for the next braintrust.

What else would you like to see happen in the upcoming free and open-source cohort? What other problems would YOU like to solve?